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Mountain Bike Association of Montreal

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Welcome to the Mountain Bike Association of Montreal (MBAM), the mountain bike club for all! My name is Mark, and I am the president at your service; I am joined by VP of Ops. Chris and VP of Race Patrick Cafferty. We started MBAM to serve the need of local cyclists, and that need (as we see it) is for an online hub for riders of all levels to share cycling-related resources, with the only requirements being a sincere passion for two wheels and residence in the greater Montreal area. We encourage beginners to join us to get answers to technical and general mountain bike questions, and to gain access to the experience of more advanced riders, and we encourage intermediate-to-advanced riders to join us to gain access to riders of an equal or higher calibre. Rest assured, however, that egos will be left at home; we are all equal in our passion for the freedom given to us by mountain bikes, and we can always learn more. MBAM started out in the fall of 2002 and since then we`ve grown to over 60 members, riders who read this statement as you do now, and said, "Yeah, that`s what I want!" As we continue to mature, we look forward to seeing new faces on the trail!

- Mark, Chris & Patrick - MBAM, 2004

"Keep The Rubber Side Down!"

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